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*Ignite my soul with the fire in your eyes* -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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Here, Now, Forever__<3 [11 Aug 2004|05:32pm]
[ mood | dirty ]

ok wow, updation needed.

Monday: Regular day. nothing special really. grandma left to go back to queens. and it was the starting of the last week of camp :[. i'm going to miss all the staff and campers_<3*

Tuesday:Ordinary day of school. and camp. then after camp I went to the staff party! woooooot!yeah that was pretty awsome. Megan has stuff in her bottle I was drinking. um awsome. Then I was going crazy and running around camp, ummm insane. I climbed the jungle gym and I was wearing like a tube top dress thing and it almost came off! HAHA. almost flashed camp venture! then kate and people were supposed to go back to shamus's but it was just me shamus and nick. It was cool. We went swimming and stuff and laughed at a really weird old movie.

Today: talent show. oh fucking man. that as pretty nice. my group did awsome singing spongebob squarepants theme song and the "tie your shoes" song. one of my kids thomas started crying in the middle of it cause the spongebob costumn ripped. he was adorable. they all were. all the groups did amazing. mollys group did good too. I was kind of upset she was put all the way in the back so one of the COUNSELORS could be put up in front. who i will not mention any names. *coughsea8thmcough* yeah and also WTF IS WITH HER NAME? ah oh well.
i'm going to take a shower.

[x0] peace <3

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