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*Ignite my soul with the fire in your eyes* -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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needed an update :\ [31 Oct 2004|03:05pm]
[ mood | artistic ]

ok well it all starts with friday

Friday: ok I went to school, then Brit and Meghan asked me if I wanted to leave early which I didn't want to at first. but then you could say I was persuaded. While walking to 3rd period i saw shannon and we asked her to come. After that Meghan drove us to Brit's house. We then walked to shannon's which was right down the road. we stayed there for about 2 hours. Then to my surprise, I thuoght I heard something at the door. Shannon looked in the kitchen and she goes " oh shit!" and slams the door. Brit dives behind her bed and I was an idiot and I didnt know where to hide so I just dove on top of her. Shannon then greets her Grandma who had came in then she came in and said hello to us. She didn't make us go back to school which was cool. After her grandma left we were paranoid that someone else would come home so we went downstairs and played mario! then we were hungry so we walked back to brit's house and she got us chinese and watched the movie 13. Brit called sean and he picked us and we went to the mall. We went to the halloween store and then to Barnes and Noble. We sat in the sex section for about an hour and 45 minutes reading Penthouse Stories IV pretty funny. Then sean got called into work so we were on our way back. But we stopped at the Romantic Depot which was cool. oh the possibilities in that store. so anyway. then we dropped off shannon then they dropped me off at home. good day =]

Saturday: I was really lazy and tired from being up so late. So i as retty much in my pajamas until around 5 as usual, then Shamus came over, we were going ot go out but we decided not to. I decdied to spend the money I was given on pizza.. WOW =D haha then me and shamus just watched movies then I watched shamus play contra which I sucked at =\..

Today: Happy Halloween

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