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*Ignite my soul with the fire in your eyes* -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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I was sucha stupid kid back then, I take back every word that I sad..... [02 Nov 2004|05:12pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

Ok the past 2 days and some thoughts :]

Monday: most people had said they weren't coming to school due to Halloween but my mother made me go. whatever I didnt care to be honest. There were more people there then I thought. The people that i'm friends with in school never go to school, so of course their parents being who they are made them go to school the days that kids dont go. ironic yet weird :\ so anyway, during lunch me and sam drew a picture of shamus and I drew a picture of her. That was the most amusing part of my day. They were bad ass drawings kid. werd :P,

Later on,
I hung out with shamus, shannon and coerts. which was cool.
Went to the mall and failed to get into the movie " saw " .
we basically just didnt do anything exciting after that.
except go back to barnes and noble
and read that book again but yeah thats all I can pretty much remember.

Today: I'm sitting here on the phone w/ Coerts.
And today, I borrowed SLC Punk the movie from Shamus. Bad ass Movie.

Now about my Commenatry

I was thinking about < love3 and realtionships. I mean theres always that first person that you said you loved and you meant it. and sometimes after its over and everything is said and done you cant but help and just look back to that amazing time you had

+ Late night phone talks
+ Holding eachother
+ Having him knowing hes </i>yours</i>

who can replace anything like that. Then you find someone new when you only but think you moved on you tell them you love them and taking that risk of getting hurt. and lets say by chance you do. did you really love them as much as you thought?
or did you just think you did. I think you just loose all sences and feelings to your brian and your heart is the only thing that thinks and does everything for you now. Your heart in on overdrive and your unaware of any risk your about to take.

and theres no turning back..

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