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hmph :\

well; it goes like this..

i never think I really am sad unless someone tells me i've been acting weird.
i went through a period of time last year were I was doing bad in school and
you could say I pretty much "rebelled" against
everybody. I just basically did my own thing and didn't care about the consequences
whether they were good for me or not. I feel like i'm going through it again.
only on the simple fact my sibling approached me about it.
but then I thought about it for a while and I wondered, like.. was I really
depressed last year or someone just thought I was? was I fine? I guess i'll never really
know and I dont know now. It never really hit me how this year I have the most
responsibility until camp started. The only thing I do understand is that, I
need to make some changes. Whether the changes be for myself or with others, something
needs to happen. I really hope it's not part 2

but in other words, I can't say i'm sad
cause i'm not really sure and I can't
say i'm happy cause that would be a lie.
I am really just confused about me and
what's going on in my life right now.
everything i'm sure will unfold as it
should they say.

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